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friday mix tape

We recently had to buy a new (to us) car, as my sporty little '96 Saturn coupe finally bit the dust. The radio in our new (to us) car doesn't have a cassette player, no headphone plug-in either, so for now there's no option to play the iPod in that car.

It's absolutely criminal.

There is a CD player, however, so I decided (just for fun) to start putting together CD-length playlists in iTunes to hearken back to the good old days of not that many years ago when your best non-person road trip friend was a good collection of tunes on a giant handful of CDs.

And thus, voila, was born my Mix Tape project. It works like this:

I made a folder in iTunes called Mix Tape, which will be filled with static (non-Smart) playlists of recently-played songs taken from my main DaveRadio (very Smart) playlist. Each playlist in the Mix Tape folder will be roughly sixty minutes of music randomly selected from whatever's played on DaveRadio in the last five days; perfect for burning to CD.

To ensure a total lack of duplicates on any of my Mix Tape playlists, I use a separate (also Smart) playlist that pulls no more than sixty minutes of music from those recently-played tracks, screening out any songs already on any playlist in the Mix Tape folder. The results have been ... interesting. Though, since my DaveRadio playlist is a very eclectic mix of various kinds of music I enjoy for a variety of reasons, it's actually a good sampling of how my regular daily iPod listening tends to go.

I meant to share the first two Mix Tape collections this morning, but completely forgot, so ... here they are!

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Now it's off to Bonefish Grill for some delicious Bang Bang! Shrimp, then back here to (finally!) watch the Transformers movie.

Oh, Friday - how I've missed you :)
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and remember, kids:

If God is a DJ,
Life is a Dance Floor,
Love is the Rhythm,
You are the Music

( you get what you're given )

( it's all how you use it )

( get your ass on the dance floor )
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It's Yayday! For those of you not in the know, Yayday is a Friday that's also a Payday. Yay!

ps, if I had a nickel dollar for every time we were served dire warnings that a Storm of Do0m is about to descend upon the greater DC area, only to find it transformed the next morning into something much less inconvenient (and not nearly as work-close-y), I wouldn't have to be getting ready right now to go to the job I hoped I might have a day off from today.
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Finally went and downloaded GIMP for Windows. While I'm pretty familiar with Photoshop, I hadn't ever tried GIMP before. It installed very quickly and it took me less than five minutes to figure out how to Do Stuff. I've been meaning to do it for ages, and now I have a good photo editor ... so yay!

Also: while Event Horizon isn't really a great movie, it's a fun one to have running while Doing Other Stuff. I borrowed it from friends a while back and just hadn't found the time to watch it.

( ah, the 90s )
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friday first twenty

I've been doing a lot of work on my playlists lately, and have recently been successfully tempted (too many times) to pick up new music on iTunes. DaveRadio, however, is shaping up better, faster, stronger so that will be nice for next weekend.

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ps, Underworld: Evolution is, um ... not as good as the first one.
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mini update

I'm alive! Or, at least, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I've been even busier than usual lately, mostly catching up on a project that got out of hand here at work. Not much otherwise of any real interest going on lately, mainly just the normal routine. I've been doing a lot of work with my various iTunes playlists, and am very excited that iTunes Plus is finally launching. Come to me, my high-bitrate, no-DRM lovelies ...

I've been playing a lot of Spiderman 3 on XBox lately. It's mainly an exercise in button-mashing, but once you get the hang of web-swinging you can just ignore the random crimes going on around you and clear your head with a tour through the greater New York area. I need to get back on the ball with prep time for the D&D game, and of course my minis collection is overflowing the area set aside to hold it and is badly in need of re-organization.

Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and co-founder of Air America Radio, will be appearing at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse this weekend. I'll be there tomorrow night representing Drinking Liberally Arlington, so if you're free and end up out there tomorrow make sure to look me up.

Also, if you (like me) are pissed off at the Democrats in Congress for supporting a funding bill for Bush's Folly (aka the Occupation of Iraq) that includes no meaningful (or even optional, sneer) benchmarks, guidelines, or timetables, then this Political Action may be up your alley.

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